Hidden liberty

Why live half a life or less with one fox
There is so much more to learn
There are so many more perspectives
There is vast richness in learning

If you are with one fox, it’s like being in a party
The party is really supposed to be big
So why is there only one conversation, one view
It’s really not true, one view, the more we learn

When you look around and talk openly
Hard to do without much recrimination
You will notice that the one with no clothes
Kind of becomes unimportant really

A real party is rich in cultural diversity
People will believe what they want
Yet they tend to know we should care
Why would someone care for us

I don’t take it lightly when choosing
We have too much current history to lose
If we are not diligent in choosing decent
If we are not diligent in choosing reasonable

The world is actually more scary in the party of one
It has proven to be enslaving horribly many times
Let’s free ourselves of the fox, it is just one
Experience the richness of hearing many

If not all
Take care

Daniel J Arthur
July 29, 2023

Respect history

Can I ever do justice to the ones before
Many have suffered from hateful ignorance ever more
Than I could possibly imagine in all my days
How can one know the horrors of their stays

We need to move forward
We need to know truly

We cannot let someone’s desire to harm a one
Let alone the wholesale destruction of humanity
A person who honestly wants to serve will run
On the the caring and kindness for all of humanity

In order to move forward
Know history more fully

We cannot know every broken heart
Like we cannot know how every heart soars
But we can really try to be smart
With heart helping each others loving roars

We need to move forward
We need to know truly

Get to know what will really help you
Fill your heart with knowledge and love
The afflicted want to live well like you
Fill their days with hope like from above

In order to move forward
Respect history more fully
We can get there really

Daniel J Arthur
July 28, 2023

Truly brave

You are truly the brave
Your beauty shines through the stacks of cash
You find ways to be truthful
You are not motivated by the bribes of others

It is brave to sound your concern
The lost ones sound the megaphone of lash
You find more ways to be truthful
You find your motivation in helping brothers

Brave to be loving
Loyal to the least

You know the scorn of the coats of turn
That firehose of lies seeks your dash
You don’t even hide the full truth
You get more support from your sisters

Steady as the storm blows
Shelter for those in need

Brave or just right to stand with others
The darkness dwells in those paid to smash
The light shines forth from your true warmth
You are not distracted by the lost aim of the twisted

Patient for small gains
Sharing the fruit with all

The shrill of the distracted loses thunder
The bravery of steadfast honesty is left
The money is wasted until given
Our many kinds hear from a new cleft

Brave, brave to sustain
Brave, brave to be ordained

Daniel J Arthur
July 28, 2023

Come out

You are frozen there I can see
You have encased in ice from fear
It is not really where you want to be
Come out
Come out my dear

Maybe you don’t quake with fear
You should know we won’t hurt you
What ever does it mean to be kind
Come out
Come out my dear

You might see that we look different
Only that we don’t appear like you
We really know we are the same
Come out
Come out my dear

You see that I don’t think like you
You might see we have a difference
We really know we are the same
Come out
Come out my dear

We really will treat you like us
There will be no big fuss
We really know we are the same
Our difference is not something to blame
Come out
Come out my dear

Let’s work together to move ahead
Let’s not fear some things said
Our difference can make caring the same
Come out
Come out my dear

Come out
Come out from under there

Come out
Come out from under there

Daniel J Arthur
July 26, 2023

Struggle is

Struggle is what we seem to do
Struggle is what we must do
There is much resistance in life
There is much friction in life
When we want to go somewhere
Somewhere often does not want us


That’s just the way it is
It is not the way it is always
Just keep on moving forward
Most of our desire is forward
Back is where we learned
Back is back, forward is the way

Move forward
Move forward

We are all so remarkable
We are to help people to be remarkable
Missing the mark with harmful ways
Missing the mark harms your own ways
Find a way to facilitate success
Being good should lead to success

Share your power with others
Carefully verify the worthiness of others
They should want to help us enjoy our work
They should be much better than fascist – caring
We have so much to offer when we are happy
Finding a way to help others helps us be happy

Share happy
Be happy

Struggle is what we will often do
Struggle is what we must do
There is much resistance in life
There is much friction in life
When we want to go somewhere
Somewhere to be takes you and me

Somewhere life
Life somewhere

We all have a lot to learn to work much smarter
We all have a lot of potential to be good partners
Find a way to love one another
Enhance the fragility of one another

Daniel J Arthur
July 26, 2023

Love you

What is it about u
U brighten my mind so
What is it about u
You awaken me head to toe

I so enjoy dreaming about u
U are revitalizing my mind
What is it about u
I really think u are so kind

The way u smile when you look at me
What is it about u
The way you say something to me
What is it about you

When we’re together hiking along
U find a way to make it fun
What is it about u
I really feel so important all the time

What is it about u
U think of everything
The way u help the children
I think u you always lift their spirits

I see u as just so beautiful
What is it about u
The way u look when u are happy
What is it about u

When we’re alone touching one
U are bringing me to bliss
I hope I can even make u feel this way
What ever is it about u

When we get back together
It is like we were never apart
What ever is it about u
Maybe just the pure joy of love

What is it about u
What is it about u

Daniel J Arthur
July 24, 2023

Healing can be

I see you wondering what is happening
I glimpse the occasional look of doubt in your glance
The world can be very confusing
The weaponization of money destablizes
You worry about your parents, children and friends
They show signs of having PTSD without knowing

I think you know what’s happening in your life
You can really know that you are really doing right
The weaponization of money creates irrational fright
Love of their riches and desire for yet more blinds
They stagger and lash about with their self-infliction
They give your loved ones PTSD from their disease

It is important to consider the source of your affliction
It comes from a lack of empathy, no liberal thinking
The Kremlin inspired firehose of disinformation starts fires
It is getting warmer globally from their self-infliction
Intolerance and its not so kindred spirit, hatred, divide
They know it, the ones fanning the flames globally

First of all know you doing your best is truly fine
Consider the source of your information for accuracy
Liberals do no harm, if they are truly liberal
Right wing and fascists do no good as organized
Get registered to vote to increase your influence
Help your loved ones by using your gifted mind to help

You are a gift to humanity when you just try
You are what’s going to save the world – vote
Liberals, real ones, will do no harm – they treat PTSD
You just trying to be positive, helpful makes things better
You getting along with others, being liberal improves things
Expect the same from others, being liberal improves things

Addiction to riches creates destruction mindlessly
Caring for yourself and others is what will help
Insist on the things that help and the healing can be

Daniel J Arthur
July 21, 2023

Restore beauty

I ponder the winds as they ebb and flow through time
I feel a shudder as they tend to blow with a chill of disdain
Even though the warming is for sure it is not prime
The climate emergency is too apparent but is not the main

The money keeps saying that the least are to blame
The paid speech keeps people afraid of one another
It is all too easy for the dollars to insist on them to frame
Their own demise will follow not hearing father and mother

Do you not want to enjoy the fruits of working well
Enjoy the peace, harmony, and good feeling of pals
The love of money brings us all down
It can turn the Earth from heaven to a frown

I would cry and cry if that would stop the pain
It won’t so I will not waste my prayers with that angle
My tears will not make any more rain
It is time we all do our part with evil to tangle

Like the nation so bravely reclaiming its bread basket
We all need to help our loves with this type of racket
Not quiet should we go down to the sound of loose change
But restoring our real peace with smart work we shall arrange

Daniel J Arthur
July 19, 2023

Are you above or below the line?

Circa July 7, 2023

by Daniel A Jones

I really need to demonstrate this concept with a big graphic. However, for now I will describe the image the best that I can. Above the line are those entities, individuals included, that are contributing to the enhancement of our Earth, including the fight against global warming from climate change. Those below the line are not or are in fact degrading our Earth.

So, those who are really, truly interested in improving environmental conditions, including fighting global warming from climate change, are above the line, if they are not causing other problems or negative externalities. You might think of Greta Thunberg as above the line. Greenpeace and many other organizations for improving the environment and/or nature are likely above the line.

While most of the Democrats are likely above the line, many others in the United States of America are way below the line, especially those associated with the Republican Party, so-called conservative news (usually just pointed disinformation) and those focused on greed as good. The liberals tend to look for a more balanced approach and consider the least among us, while the Republican associated, falsely using a label of conservative, are under the influence of Kremlin fascism and actually fan the flames of global warming. This is untenable for moving forward in life, especially for our children.

Don’t you want to be above the line? How can you get there from where you are? It is definitely for the better if you treat others well and fight global warming from climate change. The time is now. Stop the “blah, blah, blah, blah” about defending the undefendable and strike forth to help all, especially the least among us and our planet.

Above the line (most likely):

Greta Thunberg, Democrats in the USA, environment defenders, liberals, more than a few European nations, people who care for one another, voices of reason

Below the line (most likely sinking lower every day):

Kremlin, the Republicans in the USA, oil companies, profiteers, large social media entities, the corrupt members of SCOTUS, market failure without appropriate regulation (e.g., social media, huge companies, energy, water), people who harm one another, disinformation, fake news, nefarious manipulation, fascist news, drug abuse profiteers