October 10, 2023

The real failure is by the Kremlin that is Russia, which is not Russia in truth. The resistance is real, and it will succeed. Same with the clerics that are Iran, which is not Iran. They will fail. Hatred and atrocities will always fail. The temporary rise, like the manipulation of the GOP, will subside. People will wake up. No more hitleresque behavior, pure evil, will be tolerated.

The decent and reasonable will realize their need to be strong and in control. It is not their ultimate desire, but it is necessary to have security to enable true peace. Our future battles need to be with natural forces – cosmic threats.

September 4, 2023

There is so much potential for positive growth and development. So important is the decent and reasonable leadership. Decent and reasonable. It is a framework for which we can accomplish so much and move forward together.

July 7, 2023

We have so much capability as humans. However, the people in powerful leadership positions, especially in the nuclear powers, are not focused on the right paths. A few of the nations are more concerned with gaining more power in a more marginalized world instead of using their substantial powers and real security to help the rest of the world to be enhanced. This is what needs to happen to fight our true enemy – global warming from climate change.

How we help and treat the least of us is how others will judge us. Use your power to help them the most as we take care of one another. There is so much we can truly enjoy in this universe.

July 1, 2023

The behavior of the enemies of freedom and democracy is violent and repressive. There is nothing perfect about freedom or democracy, just like anything. Like the song says “all your perfect imperfections” is how we get to a happy state. However, allowing freedom of choice helps people get to a happy state – it does not guarantee such. Violence and repression create unhappiness, even in the mind of the oppressor.

Behave in a way that truly enhances all others, not just the elite in the current power structure. Yes, money is too powerful now. Let’s mitigate that power, not eliminate it. There must be some collusion of political power, economic power and social well-being power. Capitalism has a place just as much as sharing and dictation. Mitigate, not repress. Allow others to believe and express, so long as they enhance and not harm others.

It’s not easy. Let’s ultimately fight climate change as this global warming is very harmful.

June 30, 2023

Is SCOTUS for real? The corrupt by world oligarch money members are just doing what their handlers want. They are without sincere belief in anything but money, and they are a big part in the destruction of America and democracy like so many of the GOP people and their cronies – moms for liberty is a new hooded uniform trying to disguise bigotry and chains as somehow good for us. It is not.

Get with it. Support your local liberal – people who care about people, all people. There will be some that don’t make the grade, but that’s much better than those fake conservatives where almost no one makes a decent mark.

June 9, 2023

What to say in a commencement speech? Of course you congratulate the degree recipients regarding their accomplishments, you wish them well moving forward and encourage them to be bold using good judgement.

Today you would be remiss if you did not warn the roadblocks to get out of the way. While there are many as dreamed up by the various heads of organizations with means, this generation of humanity has the light and strength to move our species and Earth forward with beauty and grace.

They are up to the task, these graduates. We need to provide a safe environment with the freedom of expression secured. We need to provide the safety net for missteps and misfortune. We need to invest in their many talents, critical thinking and energy. We need to help them to move forward and get out of their way. Allow them to be caring and kind to all.

May 26, 2023

Where have all the decent and reasonable leaders gone? Okay, we have some, but it seems that mainstream media just keeps shining their spotlight on the firehose of falsehood with no real clarification of the deception. The Republican Party aka GOP is totally corrupt and compromised. The Kremlin and CCP continue their disruption of democratic systems with the American oligarchs doing their bidding, even sowing dysfunction in the “conservative” judiciary. I’m a conservative. I’m a liberal. These misguided people are neither.

Stand up for decency and reasonableness. Income challenged people need assistance in this world. They can and will be better contributors with good will. They work much harder than those with riches already. They want to work more effectively, smartly. They need a safe and stable environment to build on, not hostile boot strap craziness.

Care for one another.

April 26, 2023

Is there any need to repeat the last entry? When will Americans, actual voters as eligible, start truly voting in their own best interest? They are so easily deceived by the monetarily elite – princes, oligarchs, CCP and Kremlin entities among others. They spend money on lies, disinformation and confusion, and then the brainwashed or holders of false prophecies will vote for worse conditions instead of better.

We are better off with decent and reasonable leadership and government. There is no such thing as no government. We have democracy to reduce the frequency and intensity of bullying. We are not likely to eliminate all bullying. Voting for bullies and supporters of bully behavior will not help us. It will only make things worse.

Care for one another. Protect one another. Vote for decent and reasonable government for all, especially the income and wealth challenged.

April 12, 2023

It is apparent that you cannot entrust your vote to the Republican Party, which is also known as the GOP or conservative party, as they are just looking at how to use the average Jane and Joe for their gain as facilitated by the Kremlin and CCP. They are not conservative as a group at all; in fact, they are just liberal to the wealthy and themselves, more like commies for the elite. Our freedom, especially the freedom of women and of our chosen religion is very much at stake. These so-called conservatives are not following any care for one another code that I know.

Instead of being bigoted and hateful, try really being caring and kind. Do to others as you would want them to do to you, if you were them. Don’t encourage bad behavior or behavior you’re not comfortable with, but allow others to be who they are, so long as they are not harming others.

March 18, 2023

Life is complicated, yet simple. There are many things to do, so you need to prioritize in order to make progress. I am getting better at doing that as I come out of the pandemic fog.

Of course I do the basic things needed to be done on a daily basis. I have no servants or employees to assist with those things. And, I try to help with certain projects that come up, especially as needed for partner, family and friends.

I did spend more time than I have been on some writing projects, including this journal entry. I have updated some employment search items like my resume and cover letter. I also added text to a children’s story. I have been thinking about my adult fiction project, and I may just post what I write as part of my journal entries in the days to come. At least a link. For now check out my other links after reading this.

War is hell. The people involved in creating hell need to stop it. Not only the war in Ukraine as prosecuted by the evil Kremlin and their enablers, but also the war against democracy as prosecuted by the same Kremlin, the CCP and many, many wealthy and GOP allies. This is a big item to address. Many, many people are being harmed in their personal health and financially on a daily basis by these parties. Enough is enough.

I have spent a good amount of time communicating with family and friends as well today. I can only hope that these communications continue an improve moving forward. I will try to be more specific soon.

What will make life better?

March 17, 2023

Daniel A Jones

Maybe this:

Helping to create a free and open society

Finding ways to enhance the lives of others

Not this:

Harming others with oppressive government or poor personal actions

Oh, no, GOP big money Kremlin stream of disinformation ads!

October 2, 2022

Daniel A Jones

It is that time again when the media reaps tons of money from the desire of politicians to get elected. Campaign ads, sounds harmless enough, are chocked full of disinformation whenever a GOP or Republican candidate is featured. The media companies tend to allow the terribly misleading ads to pad their bottom line at the expense of deceiving the public during crucial election cycles.

Why can’t the Republican Party candidates be honest? Because they are doing the classic bait and switch with no intention of being truthful. They lure you in to vote for them based on their disinformation, especially trying to scare you, and then basically rob you of your livelihood, freedom and democracy after the election. They don’t do at all for your best interest, as they suggest; no, it seems they think you don’t deserve good government representation.

Maybe someday the GOP will change for the better, but that day has not come. For now the Democrats are the only decent and reasonable choice available. If you elect more Democrats, the Republicans will be threatened enough to quit serving big money special interests that they may actually be a logical choice.


Why has the Republican Party embraced fascism?

September 25, 2022

Daniel J Arthur

There is not a good reason. The current GOP has thrown out all kinds of reasons for you to join them as anti-democracy fascists, but they are largely scams to help them take control away from you, the citizen, and give it to a few to take more of your money and all of your power. The problem for them, and you, is that one person ends up having all the power, like the demented one in Russia, and the entire planet Earth is under threat of ruination all the time. Certainly individuals lose all of their freedom – just ask the Russian people today. The Republican Party is not a legitimate party in America today. It has been hijacked by lovers of money, using all sorts of extremists to add to the chaos in the form of a deluge of false information, and paid for by the world’s oligarchs – not just those of Russia.

The only way to stop this slide into destruction is to support the Democratic Party up and down the ballot. Normally that could be a problem – giving all of your votes to one party; however, in this case, at least for the next two elections, the Democrats are largely trust worthy. They have a balance of power within the party, and they will hold each other accountable. This will give the Republican Party a chance to regroup and reinvent themselves, which they must do. We cannot afford to allow our democracy to be hijacked by a fascist group – no matter their ideology.


Whose fault is inflation?

September 20, 2022

Daniel J Arthur

Inflation doesn’t happen over night, but it happens due to a variety of factors. Joe Biden and the Democrats are not responsible for today’s inflation, in fact they are doing their best to fight it. Today’s inflation is the result of years of terrible decisions by the Republican administration as enabled by big money, poor pandemic response, resulting supply chain issues and deaths, big oil, profiteering and the Kremlin wars. When you hear about supply chain issues, think about CCP China and it’s dominance of supply of many needed goods. CCP China has been a big contributor to worldwide inflation – it is not just an American problem.

What do you believe? I probably won’t know that

May 21, 2022

Daniel J Arthur

I ask that question because so many people in the fascist minded GOP think they know the truth. For sure they do not in most cases – the vast majority of this minority cult. Religions in the United States of America and the world are very diverse in many ways. Christianity is no different. You can tell me that you know God and that God talks to you, but that really does not mean I know that or can even know that. Besides, maybe God talks to me and reveals truths to me. Maybe in a different way than to you. You can prove nothing of your faith – only God can.

When you start trying to codify your beliefs because you have colluded to buy and control SCOTUS, then you are violating the separation of church and state and probably the Constitution among other laws and ethics. For example, trying to take away a woman’s right to making her own health care choices because she is or might be pregnant is a violation of individual liberty. Her body, her choice. Your beliefs, mostly wrong, should not even try to change that. When the child is born in the nation, then the child, having breath, is a citizen with all the protections thereof.

I dare say almost no one wants to be in a position to have a medical procedure if pregnant, but when put in an unusual situation in life, then they very well might feel the need to choose that option. That state has no right to interfere, only to provide the best medical care possible.

You can believe what you like. That is part of you liberty. You can believe, but your beliefs, religious or not, should not try to take away another person’s liberty or democracy itself. That’s against the law in our country. I believe that many of you, especially those calling yourselves Republicans (GOP), are in serious violation of the Constitution as a result of many of your anti-democratic actions.

Try to do good. Try to make life better. Try to help prevent people from being in very stressful and difficult situations. That might prevent what you don’t believe in more than force. Where will the force of your beliefs stop?

Kleptocratic Fascism is the law if SCOTUS says it is

May 13, 2022

Daniel J Arthur

So, it has been revealed that there is no mediation. The kleptocratic fascists running the Republican Party or GOP (sic) believe they have the upper hand, and they don’t care to be democratic at all. After all, they own SCOTUS, since they own a majority, and if SCOTUS tells us there is no democracy, then there is no democracy.

The only problem is SCOTUS is chartered by the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution outlines our democracy. How can SCOTUS, owned by non-citizens and rogue citizens alike, nullify our democracy? The only way is that this majority in SCOTUS is unlawful. They cannot sit an rule for democracy when they are in fact against it. They should resign, but will they? The unlawfully serving Republicans are protecting them. Again, how can they serve if they are against democracy and the Constitution? All of them are in violation of the law as they have lied under oath.

Meanwhile, as democracy suffers Americans suffer. Our country has been hijacked by criminals. What can we do?

Request for help from the Great Mediator

August 7, 2021

Daniel J Arthur

We have some serious divides happening in the United States of America. It appears that a very significant number of the nation have lost the ability to be truly rational. This in turn impacts all other Americans and their ability to be accurate thinkers and decision makers as well. How can we start moving closer together if not healing this divide? I will make a request.

Dear Great Mediator,

I have been living in the United States of America my whole life. I was born here. I was raised and went to school here. I have worked and played here as well as visiting a good number of places around the Earth; not enough, but a good amount. I believe that I have grown throughout the years in my ability to be rational and fair in all things. I am sure I am not perfect, and I probably get things wrong from time to time.

In recent years it seems to me that we have been having a greater and greater divide between our two major parties in our long standing democratic political system. The middle ground has appeared to have dissolved, and it has been replaced by a great chasm. I know that in reality, being that we are all human in this political endeavor, we actually share so many values and beliefs. But, somehow many of us are being misled and misinformed into a trap of inhumanity.

I don’t think I have been the problem at all. The major reason is that I have virtually no power in this system of things. I do not have enough money, connections, followers or charisma to have manipulated change. However, I have been fortunate enough to be able to observe through the many, many lenses available to me how this problem has grown to be very, very dangerous for all of us.

What I see happening is that people who do have great power in many cases are abusing their power in such a way as to brainwash many Americans. They basically want their votes. They have found that by using their monetary power they can influence Americans with bad information to get these votes for the wrong reasons, basically so that they can become more rich and powerful. They have been developing an underground non-democratic group of fiefdoms with the purpose of subverting our democracy into becoming an autocracy, which they are mistakenly thinking that they can control. There will be only one winner of this outcome, but only in the short-term.

We have many, many serious issues that need the immediate attention of our nation. This division is exacerbating the problems as no real decent and reasonable solutions are being brought forth and implemented. Information pollution is clouding and spoiling our minds. We need them to be healthy as can be – everyone’s. How else are we going to properly address climate change, the pandemic, affordable housing, health care without wealth depletion, incentives to learn, equality, systemic racism and gender bias, freedoms, healthy environments and helping all of our neighbors? There are many more serious and less serious issues unlisted here.

I am appealing to you, Great Mediator, to help us find a way to come back together. While I don’t think it is too difficult, I don’t see it happening without your help. We need your wisdom and we need it now. Please help us to be much more honest and caring in everything that we do. Help us to realize that we really have the same desire to live a good life and to be able to pay this forward to future generations. We are one and we are all unique. Please help us to live together in a mutually beneficial way. I am available to assist in any way you find helpful.

Thank you for your kind consideration and help.


Daniel J Arthur

Why does China and Russia and the current GOP want to take away your freedom?

April 29, 2021

To be human is to be free to express yourself, albeit we have always used some sort of discretion. We have evolved beyond that to tolerate differences in opinion. Many countries have even allowed its citizens to select leaders in elections. Yet, China, Russia and the current GOP do not want that. Their fascist or autocratic leaders, dictators, want to just tell you how to live – control you. Why? Maybe they can answer the question.

Here is a related link to an article in The Atlantic to show what destruction of freedom is like in current events:

Hong Kong Democracy Prison

More twister nonsense

April 26, 2021

Can I state something that is somewhat vague and be zapped by a social media giant? Yes. It happens too often, and you can understand why people want to go independent. It just takes a tiny bit and a little dude will be immobilized – it doesn’t matter that they are trying to help others to make better choices to make the world a better place for everyone. So, go independent. Don’t let the abuses of the social media giants get to you.

I do not try to harm anyone in any way. I do not want them harming anyone, including me, in any way. It can be difficult to get the point across in a few lines without an occasional need for revision. At least one site doesn’t even allow for edits, which is quite ridiculous. Twister should be less heavy handed on the little dude, and work on the algorithm to deny repetition of misinformation from whatever source.

So much nonsense

August 18, 2019

We definitely live in a different time. There is a lot on nonsense and self-destructive activity going on – especially by the leaders of the more powerful countries. The US has the worst leadership in the Senate and beyond. We need to move forward with quality healthcare for all, improving the environment, quality housing for all, low to no cost education for all and more. I’m not talking about free rides like the extreme wealthy have recently leveraged with their mega campaign donations – quid pro quo. They are buying this nonsense that hurts everyone that is not in the top 15% of income and wealth.

We have people killing themselves and even their loved ones because they cannot afford health care without going into poverty. These are good people that don’t want their love ones to suffer because they are sick. The greedy modern nonsectarian pharisees that are trying to put the teachings of Jesus Christ to death are behind this. No compassion is ridiculous. Of course we need to be compassionate. We do what can for ourselves and help others, too. We expect our nation to be part of making life better for everyone as it is reasonably able.

We can be powerful. We can do our best to not support poor behaving politicians, companies, and news personalities. Buy healthy food. Exercise. Treat people well. Work on that. Vote on that. Give people good choices and reasonable leadership.

Still thinking

August 8, 2019

I am still thinking about the qualities I look for in a friend – and, me. I know that compassion and a genuine desire for others to be able to enjoy life are important. The ability to care easily. Having a way of expressing love and beauty as they are experiencing it. Not accepting injustice. Enjoying life’s moments of zen or oneness. Having or developing toughness, strength. Sharing goodness. Smiling at times. Trying hard. Persistence. Tenderness. Working hard. Resting well. Imperfection.

I better think about this some more.

What are some qualities I look for in a friend and me?

July 30, 2019

I really don’t want to judge someone, but I do like certain behaviors more than others in my friend and me. It’s not about a list, but more about the output from a group of qualities. It is not so much about eliminating someone for this potential flaw or another; rather, it is more about how we sync in our lives. How we work together. How we jell.

I better think about this some more.

How do you recognize a close friend?

July 29, 2019

This is an age old problem – people meet someone and fall in love as it must be destiny! Oh, yes, then a time period later – maybe a few months or a few years later, they really wonder what they have gotten into. This relationship isn’t all magic and fizz. That’s when they say the honeymoon is over. This happens over and over, and more so now with online connections and more.

How do you avoid that problem? How do you keep falling in love – without the messy separations and break-ups? Well, you need to realize that of course you can be attracted to someone. You are created for that. It’s pretty easy. Your body oozes with biochemicals to make that happen. It’s from the old part of the brain that keeps us making babies almost involuntarily. You might want to put a check on that. Don’t listen to the false profits that tell you it’s what God wants. It’s not.

I think you need to be more selective. You need to use your God given ability to do some serious critical thinking. It frees you from the reactionary traps of hard wired instinctive behavior. See your friend for what they are, especially how they behave. Do you like that? Is it good for you? Do you want it to last? Do they want it to last? Then, work on that. Treat your partner like you would like to be treated, trying to really figure out how they would like to be treated.

If you do that, then you will want to be together. You will fall in love over and over as you sail through life – storms, quiet and everything in between. I guess you have to work at it, but you can say it is a labor of love. Treat them well.

Where is my friend?

July 28, 2019

I am living my life. I know some people would like to share in it. They could be a friend or maybe more. But, I don’t know where they are. I seem to be missing this in my life – my really good friend or partner. Where is my friend?

I like to do many things, including being with my special friend or partner quite often. I can have other friends that I see here and there from time to time. That’s okay, but my mate I like to be with quite a bit. However, that doesn’t seem to be. I seem to attract people that want to be mates, but they are really just good friends, which is fine. That’s cool, but I really need more.

And, my close friends need to be supportive. They can be honest with me, of course, but they need to really care and not abandon me in mind or matter. Being apart doesn’t mean there is no concern or very little concern; in fact, being apart brings on another type of stress or pressure.

Oh, well. I don’t want to be too dramatic. But, I need to find my friend – my really good friend. They will like me and even love me. I think I desire that, and I hope everyone really finds it. And, be good to my friend. Help them see what is good about us.

An example of having your pocket picked by the GOP

January 23, 2019

Who represents the big drug companies?  The GOP – Republican big wigs, senators and congresspeople.   How do they represent drug companies?  They take in millions of dollars of campaign contributions from them, which they use to convince you to vote for them or you will be doomed.

So, what do the drug companies do with this purchased power?  They get protection via laws, policies, and public relations for raising their price from a fairly reasonable amount for a drug, let’s say insulin, to a very, very excessive amount.  For illustrative purposes, let’s say they take a drug like insulin that was $50 per year and make it $300 per year.  They really do this.  Not because of costs.  Not because of free enterprise.  No.  They use the government to help them to eliminate competition (get rid of small drug companies and innovation by people like you) and protect them from any attempt by liberals to buy from cheaper sources.

Our insulin dependent fellow Americans end up sending more and more of their hard earned dollars to these huge drug companies – not because of costs, but because of the GOP welfare for the rich program.  They are transferring your money to the wealthy.  Is that not a communistic use of power?  And, people suffer and die because of this greed.

What is good . . .

January 21, 2019

I question what leaders do.  I know it’s not popular with many leaders – leaders that don’t really lead, but force their will on things.  I believe that leaders need to do good – at least lead us to good and help us make good choices.   When money is leading leaders, they aren’t doing good.  We need money or goods and services, but we need a good foundation of love and strength from which to live, work, and play.

I don’t know about you, but I think that good foundation for life includes a healthy environment and planet, healthy people, fairness among all people, good business environment (not super profiteering market failures bolstered up by bad politics), a good and strong government, and compassion.