Who knows love

Not the one who has no respect
Not the one who is bullying
Not the one who is failing
To do whatever to prevent harm

It is loving to provide security
It is loving to be strong and capable
It is loving to be insist on safety
It is loving to earn someone’s trust

Not the ones teaching hatred
Not the ones who cannot see us all
For what we are as wondrous life
Not the ones who always inflict pain

Loving is to recognize natural beauty
Loving is to respect and enhance life
Loving is to find a way to find peace
Through sharing and collaboration

Not the ones playing harmful games
Not the ones with excessive greed
Not the ones who don’t value each
Other as they would like to be

Scoffing at real attempts to get along
Is not the way to my heart
Making the effort to work hard for
Understanding the needs of other is

My sister knows what love is
She cannot tell us now
But she has many times before
Love is that she tried to help

It is difficult to be in a loving state
Some will need to work even more
To create a space for finding a way
To love you when you start to care

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