Fight Climate Change

August 3, 2022

What an opportunity we have! If we can overcome the war against freedom and democracy by kleptocratic, fascist interests, we can work together to fight climate change. Why wait? Well some of us are not, but to really fight climate change with all of our might, we need to stop this useless war against freedom and democracy. The war is creating more global warming and using up resources that are needed to ward off the negative effects of climate change. This is a world emergency. Conditions on Earth are worsening every day we are distracted.

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June 22, 2022

2 + 2 + 2 = 6 = June

So, the kleptocrats are doubling down as they do and as is their creed. They want more money and power and they want it at all costs. They have all but destroyed democracy in America. They keep people who are income challenged as miserable as they possibly can. And, we don’t seem to understand who keeps popping us with cheap shots to the chin and mid-section. It is the kleptocrats = GOP = Republicans = big money = the Kremlin = CCP China.

Meanwhile, in order to divide us more, they have done the following (not Biden):

They have been taking away voting access.

They are destroying women’s rights all over the world, including America.

They are increasing prices for oil and many other goods.

They are making life more risky and dangerous for the income challenged.

They are distracting us away from fighting climate change.

They are generally harming everyone.

May 23, 2022

The crux of the problem is how to re-establish democracy without reverting to a fascist scheme to prevent the US from becoming Russia or CCP China. It is money and influence that is way ahead of our defense systems. The Kremlin (and others) knew it could not take over the US with force, so they have been invading our country with viruses of many sorts from qanon to fox nonsense to so many other measures and means. The assault on our democracy has been intense and successful. How do we fight back?

May 21, 2022

The kleptocratic fascists are scamming overtime to control and destroy democracy in the United States of America. They plan to fake democracy like the Kremlin, while actually having an economy like Russia and CCP China. It is a divide and conquer approach to short-term riches, but what is the long-term outcome? Chaos. We don’t know. We will be back to having a monarchy like Russia and CCP China with no ability to impact the outcome. That’s why we have a democracy, so we the people can guide the nation with our votes. I will post a related article.

May 14, 2022

The way I see it, the sooner we get back to being a serious but fun loving democracy, the sooner we will tackle the big issues like climate change, women’s rights, racism, affordable housing, clean water and air, health care for all and regulating market failures for the best of everyone in society, not just some oligarchs and entitled few.

May 13, 2022

Anyone who has seriously entertained doing business with Russia since just before the year 2000 has been duped by the Kremlin. There has been no real democracy since that time, just a pretend electoral system. The nation has been run by a mixed bag of corrupt systems with the average person being a very weak pawn with no say as their vote doesn’t count. One person controls the country and has attempted to destroy democracy everywhere all the time. Many wealthy Americans and their groupies have adopted this kleptocratic fascism approach to government, even though it is expressly unconstitutional here in America. It goes against the essence of democracy – going back to having royalty, aka a dictator. How do we reverse this trending disaster?

April 17, 2022

I like to help our planet to move on. I like Monet better than money. I do want everyone to be able to enjoy their life. I am here to help. Please feel free to ask your questions and share concerns. I will try to respond in a helpful way.

April 6, 2022

Climate change impacts and threats are now at the level of being a national emergency. It is time to declare war on any and all environmental impacts from any activity contributing to the degradation of the environment including global warming. With the continuing effort to compromise America’s democracy and decent and reasonable response to any normal problem a government faces, this war on the environmental destruction of our planet needs to be declared and waged for the protection of America and its citizens as well as the rest of the people of our Earth. Restoring real robust democracy must be an essential outcome expected from this war. It is also a war on war as war contributes to global warming among other atrocities.

April 6, 2022

The United States of America is in the midst of a national emergency from an international conspiracy from within and without against the government and democracy. Is this not sedition? It is beyond normal politics and private enterprise behavior. It has been a coordinated effort to disrupt America and complete its transformation to become a kleptocratic fascist state like Russia and China. Immediate war time effort is needed to overcome this sinister plot. If action is not taken, America is likely to be conquered.

March 26, 2022

Encouragement. People need it in addition to having all things being equal. We have too many accidents and not enough progressions. As thankful as we are for the accidents in achievement, wouldn’t we progress more efficiently as a society relying less on accidents? I might be able to explain that better with a good accident example.

There is a piece of art that was created many years ago, over forty. The artist and the art languished for years and years. This piece of art was a novel. No publisher wanted to publish it. The artist kept working away at getting it published. I don’t know how he was able to persevere. How could he afford it? Most artists would not have made it through the many years of negative feedback and financial discouragement. They would have moved on.

However, he finally found a publisher.  A company known for nonfiction technical books made an offer. It wasn’t that much, but Frank Herbert went for it. You know this story now: Dune. The most recent film version is up for many Oscars at this year’s Academy Awards in a day or so. As his son Brian tells it, even though Frank won some prestigious awards for the book, he still was not that popular and sales lagged for years and years.

So, my point is, that this book, considered one of the best science fiction novels ever, accidently made it. We are better for it. It is a masterpiece, whether you appreciate it or not, and it speaks to our modern problems environmentally and politically. I think society needs to support artists, designers, and inventors much, much better. Not only should we have our governments do much better at ceteris paribus, but people who can should help creators much more robustly to create and share their works. We have the automation, efficiency, productivity and excess capacity to do it. Let’s put is to better use.

No war. Stop war. Peace.


March 25,  2022

There is so much wrong with society and its leadership right now. Despite that, we have an opportunity to create effective change for the best of all and the harm to none. For dozens and dozens of years the world has been becoming more and more dominated by essentially klept0cratic autocracies.  There have been some good examples of progress for a better society for all, but these kleptocratic pirates are buggering it all up all the time.

How does a little person compete with these billion thousand pound behemoths? It is a daunting task. That is why they have been winning the hearts and minds of millions of registered voters, demigod leaders, super wealthy, wannabes and minions. They have the money and generally the power. You might even think they have earned it, but you would be wrong. So wrong. They have had some good fortune, maybe even some good accomplishments, but in general they have the support of the bent governments. They do find a way to get funded by the governments by contracts, negative taxes (welfare) and such, but mainly they use market failure mechanisms along with using the political systems to keep conditions favorable to themselves. A truly vicious cycle for the rest of us.

Well, many of us find a niche from which to get by. We are the partially favored or lucky. We get by. The thing is, many, many more do not get by, and that creates a huge problem for all of us. So the few of us who have our heads above water need to get some air and help the rest. We need to find a way to get resources to help these good people, a little down on their luck, and help them to get involved in the transformation of our society.

Again, how? Just getting them involved as they can get going. Help them to get registered to vote, if they are eligible. Encourage them to vote. Encourage them to vote for decent and reasonable people. Get them to peacefully protest, to boycott, to talk about politics carefully, to care for one another, to read, to write, to work, to play, to rest, to think, and more. It is a long-term struggle.

Let’s help people have all things being equal. I know I am twisting the meaning a bit, but how can people make rational, good choices for themselves, if they are less than equal or well? It is a basic function of society, our government, to help people to have all things being equal. What do people need? Homes, comfort, food, water, clothing, health, peace and security, education, debt free and some more.

It is not a basic function of society to help the already rich and powerful to become more rich and powerful. In fact, it is the responsibility of society to help restore some balance of power. We don’t need to take away anything but true excess, which has been granted them in the first place by government.

This is a form of reverse kleptocracy. It is not communism  or socialism any more than it is not capitalism or fascism or autocracy. It is about helping people to be free and have robust human rights, no matter what the political structure at the time. It is about each person having the ceteris paribus of the level playing field of perfect competition. Perfect competition does not exist. Free enterprise does not exist. Equality does not exist. We need to encourage equality and the continuous balancing of such with the governmental responsibility of regulating markets to foster better competition and innovation.

More to come.

March 7, 2022

I think I will make a list of topics daily to write about, both from spontaneous ideas that come to mind and news articles (I tend to get exposed to hundreds per day). Essentially, we need to be more compassionate to one another and have decent and reasonable people gaining leadership positions. While we are actively seeking solutions to the current war trauma, we still need to live, learn and laugh. Be well and try to help.

March 6, 2022

Much has been written. Much has been threatened. Many have been harmed. Many have been killed. There is no one that has not been threatened by this situation. Not one. It is time for all to do their part to end this wickedness and bring back a real peace with collaboration.

February 27, 2022

The world’s democracies continue to be abused by a wide variety of angry autocracies and autocracy fanciers. Russia is creating the latest more than serious problem. How does one get someone to back down from the nuclear option and not lose the strength to continue fighting for freedom and human rights? It is not easy.

A leader who has put himself into much jeopardy, not unlike a terrorist, has not many options when the world is against him. He has nukes though. He is feeling desperate. What do you do? You need to talk him down. You need to show him a road to redemption, no matter how much you don’t want to.

Russia is a land of opportunity. There is so much that can be accomplished within and without, especially by creating more freedom and human rights for the wonderful people of Russia and nearby nations. The Russian influence can grow with the holistic growth of all of these nations, not so much by force, but by peaceful endeavors and persuasion.

Let’s find a way to restore the leadership of Russia. Let’s find a way to help them see a road to peace and prosperity for all. We must do it. We can do it.

January 21, 2022

We really need to protect and strengthen our democracy including our First Amendment rights. We have been under attack from the Big Money GOP recently. Big Money has been working hard to manipulate our democracy for many, many years. We are not the better for it. We have fallen behind as a world leader in many ways as a result of their disruption and disinformation in a bid for excessive power and control. It is a struggle, but we can do it. And, despite them, we really need to get on top of the climate change problem now.

December 30, 2021

Be caring and kind to all. Have a wonderful new year.

December 1, 2021

danieL J arthuR

I hear it all the time from people satisfied with their place in life . . . usually older adults with everything they need, “Why are they protesting?” They go on to get very negative about the protestors, basically implying that they shouldn’t be alive.

I’ll tell you, protestors are the most hard working, productive and helpful people in our society when they are genuine. When society needs to change to protect some portion of it, protestors come to life to get that addressed. We need to listen, and certainly act when prudent. Yes, get rid of systemic racism. Yes, get rid of police brutality. Yes, protect a women’s right to choose. Yes, address climate change and the environment so we can live better. Yes, get rid of animal abuse. I can go on an on.

Can protestors be wrong? Of course, just look at the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol in Washington, DC. Those were protestors recruited and motivated by nefarious older adults dissatisfied with election results. Results, not stealing. Voting, not cheating. Big Money really wants mo’ money. Those are older adults addicted to money and power. That’s the group we are really, genuinely protesting against. They are causing harm. We know it.

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Re-colonization is not the answer

November 30, 2021

daniel j arthur

I listen to the winds howling through the tall canyons of modern human civilization. The winds are strong from the big winded. Why are they? What do they seek? It has not been pleasant to say the least.

The United States of America has been a really good place for a long time. It certainly is not a perfect nation, and it has been needing to be introspective and willing to change for the better to strengthen. However, big winds have been trying to weaken the union that needs to be more perfect in an effort to destroy it, instead of letting it change, mend and heal.

For many, many years Big Money has been greedily shaking the nation’s money tree for free money. It buys politicians, primarily Republican or GOP party members don’t you think, with its huge wads of cash and bends the nation to its will. So, instead of getting more and more progress for a healthier and stronger America, we get welfare for the corporations and super wealthy.

In recent times they seem to be in lock step with the Russian disinformation playbook. People don’t know what to believe after consuming this voluminous data with no meaning other than to confuse, deceive, create hatred and division. It has been working. People are more unlikely to vote for their own self-interest now more than ever. That is irrational. It leads to harm and disharmony.

America weakens. Voters make irrational political decisions. Big Money is ready to pounce. They intend to re-colonize America and much of the world. They have no qualms about the harm and genocide that will follow. It is happening  already outside of America in places like Tibet, Hong Kong, Belarus, Hungary and many other re-colonized nations.

We can stop it. We can vote for decent and reasonable people to lead our government. We can shield ourselves from the howling winds of Big Money and autocracy. We can work together to be kind and caring to all. It is hard work. It takes a lot of listening and reflection. It takes compromise. We can do it. Do we have the will? I hope so.

Intergenerational trauma, trauma and Big Money

November 2o & 21, 2021

Daniel J Arthur

It is a vicious circle that Big Money has been responsible for creating and enhancing in American politics. They ramp up the taking of money in their welfare for the Big Money insider scheme and reduce their taxes, while eroding the gains of the humble income generating American families. They also, in their unbridled enthusiasm for greed, harm all systems that are important for a good life from the environment to healthcare to human rights.

Many, many Americans, if not all, suffer from trauma. It has only become more likely with recent causes of trauma like the pandemic, social media misinformation and personality cults. We have plenty of intergenerational trauma from world wars, colonization and genocide against peoples like the Jews, Armenians and Native Americans, major social trauma from systemic racism, discrimination of all kinds and the like, and many other traumas people experience from physical harm of all kinds, relative depravation and so much more.

Who knows this? Many educated Americans. Who takes advantage of this? Big Money.  Using their big money in insidious ways, Big Money has sown much divisive misinformation that parses away the American Spirit and replaces it with irrational support of leaders riding the wave of discord created by them. The Big Money political data scientists and technicians know how to use trauma to separate people from their desire to be decent and reasonable. Generating enough fear from stimulating a righteous sense of hatred, envy and racism does the job.

Big Money has gone for broke, not in the riches sense, but in the political sense. They have made American people skeptical enough of decent and reasonable governmental measures to try to hijack the nation away from democracy. They want and think they can control an autocratic nation. It’s not right. Don’t let them do it. Vote to be caring and kind.

To be clear, immigration is in no way the cause of climate change issues including global warming. Immigration is a direct reaction to climate change issues. People need to find safe places to live.

Entertaining fringe hate and racist groups should be enough

November 9, 2021

Daniel J Arthur

Which political party in the United States of America has been cultivating the vote of fringe hate and racist groups? The Republicans. Not the Democrats. Why? Does it matter? It should be enough to know this that you would not support the GOP, Republicans, at all under its current leadership.

The why has do to with the naked goal of at any cost having tax breaks for the rich, continued exploitation of the market failures in our economic system and gaining more power to get more welfare for the rich. They need the votes. Divide and conquer is a big part of their playbook. More like parse and conquer. Don’t fall for it.

We need to be protecting and caring for all Americans, which means to do things that are more than fair. Black lives matter, etc. Be more than fair, and be decent and reasonable. Let’s make things better for all. Eliminate discrimination as much as possible.

Healthcare by wealth depletion should be enough

November 7, 2021

Daniel J Arthur

For many years the people of the United States of America have had the best healthcare system in the world, but they have not been able to use it very well unless they were wealthy or connected, especially when young. Most of the rest of the countries with very decent healthcare allow and encourage ready access to healthcare with no to little cost.

What does it cost in the USA? Basically, it will cost you your life for not getting proper care (as many decide due to the high cost), or, if you do decide to get help, you will sometimes quickly and other times very slowly lose all of your wealth as the healthcare system will deplete most if not all of your assets.

Remember I am an independent politically. Who is trying to improve healthcare and who is undermining coverage for the benefit of the 1%? The Democrats have been trying for many, many years to improve healthcare access for non-wealthy Americans. They have clawed and scraped together the best legislation they could despite the cynical opposition by the Republicans and some “conservative” Democrats.

Don’t be fooled by the Republican efforts to divide and conquer. Of course Democrats are not perfect; however, they are the only party at present who will improve healthcare for you, and maybe someday our regular taxes will pay for most of our healthcare and our descendants will gain some wealth through inheritance like we would like.

One note of importance – the Republicans are also trying to control a woman’s healthcare decisions when pregnant. This is absurd, and should not be supported. A woman’s right to choose her own healthcare options is of paramount importance. The Democrats will not do this as far as I know.

Climate change should be enough

November 6, 2021

by Daniel J Arthur

I have no current political affiliation. I have been a Republican. I have been a Democrat. I have been independent. Right now, as an independent, I heavily favor the Democrats. Why?

Just because they are willing to address global warming from climate change is enough, as the Republicans (GOP) are not. The present and future generations cannot afford to inherit an environmental disaster created by you. It is a real serious problem. And, addressing it should help us to mitigate if not solve numerous other environmental problems. I want that for me and for future generations.

My next post will address numerous other important issues to consider. Don’t worry, I don’t think of the Democrats as perfect, just much preferable.

Wither the nether regions when we are not wise

October 27, 2021

It is time to be more thoughtful to be sure we are not doing harm whatever we do. Otherwise, we are causing terrible things to happen. Many people are involved in denying the harm of many things they support, and most of this behavior is by well-to-do and well connected people. This poor behavior leads to weakening America and the world with pollution, bad health, inferior infrastructure, climate change impacts, income gaps, racism, misogyny, restricted freedom, and more.

Be thoughtful. Care. Be kind. Be a positive force.

Observations of and about my Great Uncle

My dad’s uncle was an interesting fellow. He lived with his pleasant and kind wife, Irene, on the outskirts of Grand Junction, Colorado.  It was a dry sagebrush landscape dominated by the presence of the Colorado River and the surrounding mountains. They had a small farm in a cluster of other small farms in a relatively flat area alongside a canal. They had chickens and a horse. They had ditch water on the backside of the house. He didn’t say much to me, but he was always tactful and direct. Other people had conversations with him when I was around, including me. And, this is much of what I got out of it:

Years before the family had a place on Roan Creek (“crick” it was called) where they raised cows, sheep and chickens on the small ranch in the dry mainly sagebrush hills. Looking at it from afar it would be hard to know that a rich microclimate nurtured by the many dams on the crick in the many small valleys alongside made for a nice place to raise a family in the years after the Civil War. I was fortunate enough to visit the area once when I was young, catching a brook trout in a small clear pond on the crick.

The family Franklin prospered in the crick drainage, albeit modestly. They ran cows, they were real cowboys and cowgirls, and rounded up wild horses on the mesa top desert above.  Horses were part of life, and Dwight always had at least one on hand. I often thought of myself as a cowboy in those days, like my Great Uncle Dwight was. He let me ride at least one time solo.

Of course, I was just a skinny little 10-year old at this time when my dad was off in Vietnam, but after some gentle but serious instructions from my uncle, I felt every bit a cowboy as I rode Dove on the dirt track along the canal. I was alone, which was like many a TV cowboy I had known. I felt normal and at home riding, and didn’t have a care in the world. Looking back, I think people that saw this sight of a full-sized horse with a tiny kid on its back wondering along the banks of the canal might have been a little curious, if not concerned. I don’t recall being allowed to solo again there.

Usually when visiting I spent many hours playing with the water striders, we called them water bugs, skating on the water surface.  I’ll tell you something that comes to mind about the visits and my studies of the water bugs, which I would be quick to spot even as I was floating a stick down the ditch. I played all kinds of sports growing up including football, American football many would say. What I learned watching the little critters moving about the surface of the water, I put into play on the football field. Again, I was a tiny little guy, but whether I was leading my flag football team to a championship or running in touchdowns in little league or just playing touch football in the backyard, I tried my best to dart around unpredictably to the opposition. It worked really well. I recommend studying those water bugs. It’s amazing what one can learn.

Dwight was very cool and generally slow to get excited. You could tell he loved and cared for Irene, and you could tell she reciprocated his feelings. My parents admired them. I only felt comfortable visiting there, if not a little bored as they had no other children around whenever we were there. I learned a lot even there though I spent so little time with them.


Request for help from the Great Mediator

Request for help from the Great Mediator

August 7, 2021

Daniel J Arthur

We have some serious divides happening in the United States of America. It appears that a very significant number of the nation have lost the ability to be truly rational. This in turn impacts all other Americans and their ability to be accurate thinkers and decision makers as well. How can we start moving closer together if not healing this divide? I will make a request.

Dear Great Mediator,

I have been living in the United States of America my whole life. I was born here. I was raised and went to school here. I have worked and played here as well as visiting a good number of places around the Earth; not enough, but a good amount. I believe that I have grown throughout the years in my ability to be rational and fair in all things. I am sure I am not perfect, and I probably get things wrong from time to time.

In recent years it seems to me that we have been having a greater and greater divide between our two major parties in our long standing democratic political system. The middle ground has appeared to have dissolved, and it has been replaced by a great chasm. I know that in reality, being that we are all human in this political endeavor, we actually share so many values and beliefs. But, somehow many of us are being misled and misinformed into a trap of inhumanity.

I don’t think I have been the problem at all. The major reason is that I have virtually no power in this system of things. I do not have enough money, connections, followers or charisma to have manipulated change. However, I have been fortunate enough to be able to observe through the many, many lenses available to me how this problem has grown to be very, very dangerous for all of us.

What I see happening is that people who do have great power in many cases are abusing their power in such a way as to brainwash many Americans. They basically want their votes. They have found that by using their monetary power they can influence Americans with bad information to get these votes for the wrong reasons, basically so that they can become more rich and powerful. They have been developing an underground non-democratic group of fiefdoms with the purpose of subverting our democracy into becoming an autocracy, which they are mistakenly thinking that they can control. There will be only one winner of this outcome, but only in the short-term.

We have many, many serious issues that need the immediate attention of our nation. This division is exacerbating the problems as no real decent and reasonable solutions are being brought forth and implemented. Information pollution is clouding and spoiling our minds. We need them to be healthy as can be – everyone’s. How else are we going to properly address climate change, the pandemic, affordable housing, health care without wealth depletion, incentives to learn, equality, systemic racism and gender bias, freedoms, healthy environments and helping all of our neighbors? There are many more serious and less serious issues unlisted here.

I am appealing to you, Great Mediator, to help us find a way to come back together. While I don’t think it is too difficult, I don’t see it happening without your help. We need your wisdom and we need it now. Please help us to be much more honest and caring in everything that we do. Help us to realize that we really have the same desire to live a good life and to be able to pay this forward to future generations. We are one and we are all unique. Please help us to live together in a mutually beneficial way. I am available to assist in any way you find helpful.

Thank you for your kind consideration and help.


Daniel J Arthur