About the Author

Daniel J Arthur is actually a pen name for Daniel A. Jones.  I live in the Seattle area of Washington state and spend time in the Phoenix area as well as traveling in the United States of America and in other lands as well.  I have  long held beliefs in equality, fairness, and working hard and smart as a result of my Christian-based upbringing by parents who were raised during the Great Depression on the Western Slope of Colorado. I really enjoy the place. If we read, we have opportunities to learn.

A detailed resume is available for review upon request.

Literary agent and publisher needed!

A link to a promo of my books – Young Hearts Series and more.

A link to a 4 minute video showing my books and other artwork.

A link to my family tree video – 4,000 Names Since the Invasion.

A link to my original animation – Numberlution.

A link to Mount Sopris Jones Family Property.

Inquiries can be made to:  arthbuus [at] gmail [dot] com

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