About the Author

Daniel J Arthur is actually my pen name (for Daniel A. Jones).  I live in the Seattle area of Washington state, spend time in the Phoenix area as well as traveling in the United States of America and in other lands as well.  I have  long held beliefs in equality, fairness, and working hard and smart as a result of my upbringing, which was largely Christian-based (this is just fact, not a pro or con), on or near Air Force bases by parents who were raised during the Great Depression on the Western Slope of Colorado. I really enjoy the outdoors, including the Western Slope. If we can read, we have opportunities to learn.

I am currently working as an artist, researcher, confidant, assistant and investigator.  I can be reached via email by using my Gmail address, which has arthbuus as a prefix. Terms and conditions are dependent upon circumstances.

A detailed resume is available for review upon request. I am a specialist in being a generalist; however, I can learn to specialize quickly.

Literary agent and publisher needed!

A link to a promo of my books – Young Hearts Series and more.

A link to a 4 minute video showing my books and other artwork.

A link to my family tree video – 4,000 Names Since the Invasion.

A link to my original animation – Numberlution.

A link to Mount Sopris Jones Family Property.

Inquiries can be made to:  arthbuus [at] gmail [dot] com

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