Available for Hire

I am available to be productive for most any entity to do a variety of work. Please inquire by email at arthbuus [at] gmail [.] com if you have an opening for someone with my experience and qualifications. A resume is available upon request, but you can see my LinkedIn profile and skills and accomplishments on my About page.

Economist, Writer, Editor, Researcher, Analyst, Strategist, Manager, Quality Assurance, former Scrum Master and Scrum Developer, Software Developer, Web Developer, Instructor, Adaptable

My interests? I have many, but a few are climate change response, diversity, inclusion, quality of life, integrity, innovation, security, environmentally friendly, equality, positive adaptation, etc.

I also enjoy a variety of sports like competitive badminton, pickleball, hiking, cross country skiing, ice skating and more.

Thank you for your interest!

Pitch in Hong Kong, July, 2015
Pitch in Hong Kong, July, 2015