Swim to the arms of others

Swim to the arms of others

Some of you are in the cellar
You are not always hiding from the wind
Sometimes it’s more like Ms. Keller
Lots of people blind in the end

People I know have a problem
They might just know they are okay
I cannot imagine the stress they are under
The pain and suffering need to go away

Rainie is playing the piano
Nefertiti is showing her paintings
This is the world all a glow
People having their own findings

I will hope and pray you are all better
I know that we need to be feeling joy

Daville is helping people to turn around
Jaypee is shining his light on a path
We need them all to feel very sound
It is time to guide away from wrath

It can seem like there are many problems
Find a way to help relieve the pressure
Don’t worry too much about their emblems
Even the meek can reduce the fever

Enlightenment will come to the darkness
Suffering will be relieved before long
Help the people know what they need
Don’t be afraid to be truthfully wrong

I will hope and pray you are way better
I know that you need to be feeling joy

Let the piano make a joyful noise
Let the show be full of beauty
We should want that for all girls and boys
Everything is not about just booty

We can share love with one another
We can agree to be different
May your way not be a bother
May your sharing love be gem mint

We try to stop what is bleeding
We should avoid making more holes
All people everywhere are needing
Try to see there are many good roles

I will hope and pray you are way better
I know that you need to be feeling joy

Love love one another

May 13, 2024
Daniel J Arthur

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