Find your way

Who is really alive, happy and rich
Is it one that hasn’t solved the itch
They may not know, but they know a journey
It really matters not if they ever were an attorney

They might imagine some error is very scary
They might not even take someone’s berry
Certainly the many lives given smothers one
There is no life when solved by 7 grams and gun

The one still with an itch can make children smile
The one with too many billions is a crocodile
We love the one who creates by more than a mile
Too much ill gain one can be left in their own pile

There is a way out of the too much misery
It happens all too often throughout history
We have a promise that will be had some day
We can work hard to make everything okay

It just takes us doing this and that within reason
Expecting decent and reasonable every season
Will help us get clear back to happy and healthy
No one benefits from the excessive wealthy

Why would I want to create my own prison
Certainly we know freedom from the lesson
We move through life enjoying the big giving
We enjoy the sharing much more than keeping

I don’t apologize for enjoying the joy of others
It feels so smart to give heart to sisters and brothers
We feel the love of the creation of enjoyment
Not from any hard life of bitter internment

No matter what happens in the days ahead
Whether I be living free, creating and open
Or, someone big takes on to make me dead
I will be in the mysterious place called heaven

It’s for sure and it cannot be taken
So, we might as well quit the win fakin’
The real win is living life enhancing
Helping others to feel the joy of dancing

I appreciate the good anyone has done
The many who have helped me find love
They haven’t used their life like a gun
Even in defense and action they are a dove

Let’s pray for everyone to find true love
Love that is like that in heaven above
Make that heaven part of everyone’s life
Trade for good works instead of strife

Find your way to love
Find your way to love
That’s what it’s all about
It is what we all find out

Forever here

Daniel J Arthur
August 18, 2023