Re-colonization is not the answer

November 30, 2021

daniel j arthur

I listen to the winds howling through the tall canyons of modern human civilization. The winds are strong from the big winded. Why are they? What do they seek? It has not been pleasant to say the least.

The United States of America has been a really good place for a long time. It certainly is not a perfect nation, and it has been needing to be introspective and willing to change for the better to strengthen. However, big winds have been trying to weaken the union that needs to be more perfect in an effort to destroy it, instead of letting it change, mend and heal.

For many, many years Big Money has been greedily shaking the nation’s money tree for free money. It buys politicians, primarily Republican or GOP party members don’t you think, with its huge wads of cash and bends the nation to its will. So, instead of getting more and more progress for a healthier and stronger America, we get welfare for the corporations and super wealthy.

In recent times they seem to be in lock step with the Russian disinformation playbook. People don’t know what to believe after consuming this voluminous data with no meaning other than to confuse, deceive, create hatred and division. It has been working. People are more unlikely to vote for their own self-interest now more than ever. That is irrational. It leads to harm and disharmony.

America weakens. Voters make irrational political decisions. Big Money is ready to pounce. They intend to re-colonize America and much of the world. They have no qualms about the harm and genocide that will follow. It is happening  already outside of America in places like Tibet, Hong Kong, Belarus, Hungary and many other re-colonized nations.

We can stop it. We can vote for decent and reasonable people to lead our government. We can shield ourselves from the howling winds of Big Money and autocracy. We can work together to be kind and caring to all. It is hard work. It takes a lot of listening and reflection. It takes compromise. We can do it. Do we have the will? I hope so.

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