Intergenerational trauma, trauma and Big Money

November 2o & 21, 2021

Daniel J Arthur

It is a vicious circle that Big Money has been responsible for creating and enhancing in American politics. They ramp up the taking of money in their welfare for the Big Money insider scheme and reduce their taxes, while eroding the gains of the humble income generating American families. They also, in their unbridled enthusiasm for greed, harm all systems that are important for a good life from the environment to healthcare to human rights.

Many, many Americans, if not all, suffer from trauma. It has only become more likely with recent causes of trauma like the pandemic, social media misinformation and personality cults. We have plenty of intergenerational trauma from world wars, colonization and genocide against peoples like the Jews, Armenians and Native Americans, major social trauma from systemic racism, discrimination of all kinds and the like, and many other traumas people experience from physical harm of all kinds, relative depravation and so much more.

Who knows this? Many educated Americans. Who takes advantage of this? Big Money.  Using their big money in insidious ways, Big Money has sown much divisive misinformation that parses away the American Spirit and replaces it with irrational support of leaders riding the wave of discord created by them. The Big Money political data scientists and technicians know how to use trauma to separate people from their desire to be decent and reasonable. Generating enough fear from stimulating a righteous sense of hatred, envy and racism does the job.

Big Money has gone for broke, not in the riches sense, but in the political sense. They have made American people skeptical enough of decent and reasonable governmental measures to try to hijack the nation away from democracy. They want and think they can control an autocratic nation. It’s not right. Don’t let them do it. Vote to be caring and kind.

To be clear, immigration is in no way the cause of climate change issues including global warming. Immigration is a direct reaction to climate change issues. People need to find safe places to live.