Entertaining fringe hate and racist groups should be enough

November 9, 2021

Daniel J Arthur

Which political party in the United States of America has been cultivating the vote of fringe hate and racist groups? The Republicans. Not the Democrats. Why? Does it matter? It should be enough to know this that you would not support the GOP, Republicans, at all under its current leadership.

The why has do to with the naked goal of at any cost having tax breaks for the rich, continued exploitation of the market failures in our economic system and gaining more power to get more welfare for the rich. They need the votes. Divide and conquer is a big part of their playbook. More like parse and conquer. Don’t fall for it.

We need to be protecting and caring for all Americans, which means to do things that are more than fair. Black lives matter, etc. Be more than fair, and be decent and reasonable. Let’s make things better for all. Eliminate discrimination as much as possible.

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