Healthcare by wealth depletion should be enough

November 7, 2021

Daniel J Arthur

For many years the people of the United States of America have had the best healthcare system in the world, but they have not been able to use it very well unless they were wealthy or connected, especially when young. Most of the rest of the countries with very decent healthcare allow and encourage ready access to healthcare with no to little cost.

What does it cost in the USA? Basically, it will cost you your life for not getting proper care (as many decide due to the high cost), or, if you do decide to get help, you will sometimes quickly and other times very slowly lose all of your wealth as the healthcare system will deplete most if not all of your assets.

Remember I am an independent politically. Who is trying to improve healthcare and who is undermining coverage for the benefit of the 1%? The Democrats have been trying for many, many years to improve healthcare access for non-wealthy Americans. They have clawed and scraped together the best legislation they could despite the cynical opposition by the Republicans and some “conservative” Democrats.

Don’t be fooled by the Republican efforts to divide and conquer. Of course Democrats are not perfect; however, they are the only party at present who will improve healthcare for you, and maybe someday our regular taxes will pay for most of our healthcare and our descendants will gain some wealth through inheritance like we would like.

One note of importance – the Republicans are also trying to control a woman’s healthcare decisions when pregnant. This is absurd, and should not be supported. A woman’s right to choose her own healthcare options is of paramount importance. The Democrats will not do this as far as I know.

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